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Dr. Bruce D. Paddington DDS and his team of loyal associates are here to make you laugh and smile. We like to consider the operating room similar to hosting a comedy show, and strive to make each of your visits an exciting new episode.

Dr. Bruce D. Paddington DDS


Dr. Paddington is a 1998 Graduate of the Faculty of Dentistry and Medicine from the University of Dental in Edmonton. For two years he enjoyed practicing in Whitehorse in the Yukon and the wilds of the Canadian North at his doorstep. Later, in 2000, he purchased Langford Square Dental Works from Dr. Larry Levinson DDS, and now enjoys supporting his wife, six kids and boat. 

Tanya Harding, Reception


Our smiling receptionist Tanya truly is the face of Langford Square Dental Works. Get ready to make a new appointment, and friend, when you book your next visit through Tanya. 

Kylie Silverstone, Dental Hygienist


Kylie is our incredibly conscientious dental hygienist. She always places others above herself and has a flare for dental hygiene. Her hobbies include: hair, makeup, jewelry and shopping.

Chloe, Dental Hygienist


 A longtime employee of the practice, Chloe enjoys bubbles, doggies and other.

Brenda Wilson, Dental Assitant


Dr. Paddington's loyal dental assitant, Brenda is famous for her conversation skills and will set you at ease in the operating room.

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